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Speed ​​1 is a new formula (Booster) that speeds up the drying time of the eyelash extensions adhesive.

It can be used when you need the adhesive to work faster and there is little humidity or temperature , which are unfavorable conditions.

Apply it when:

🤍 There is low humidity

🤍 You need your adhesive works faster

SPEED1 is liquid and transparent in color.

Easy to use:

With a dry and clean microbrush take a bit of Booster (do it carefully because it is liquid) and place it on the extension strip (only at the base or contact area).

You can do this every 15 - 20 minutes to speed up the polymerization process of the adhesive.

Content: 15 ml - Weight: 23 gr - Measurements: 1.5 cm depth x 3.3 cm width x 7.5 cm height