Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit
Lash Lift Kit

Lash Lift Kit

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For safe professional treatments with excellent results. Now you can offer this professional and complete service to your clients thanks to the Blink Professional® Lash Lift Kit.

Yields for more than 40 treatments / services.

This Kit is available in different options:

  • BASIC:
    has the minimum products you will need to start providing services to clients.

    Here you will have everything you need to be able to carry out complete professional treatments.

    If you want to offer a higher level treatment experience, this option is ideal since it has accessories and tools that help your work.


El kit ideal para ti...

Con este pack de productos profesionales podrás realizar tus tratamientos de Laminación de Pestañas con el protocolo LASH LIFT de BLINK PRO®. Cuenta con todo lo necesario para ofrecer un servicio completo. Además es ideal para ofrecer a tus alumnos un kit completo con el que puedan realizar sus primeros tratamientos una vez terminada su formación. 

Ideal para: 

Formadores · Academia · Salones 

Lo mínimo que necesitas para realizar tratamientos.

· Lift Pads 
· Lift Adhesive
· Primer
· Lift Comb
· Lift 1 - Fast Curl
· Lift 2 - Fix 
· Lift 3 - Botox
· Fiber Brush 
· Micro Brush 
· Macro Brush

  + Neceser Estuche S

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