Lift Adhesive
Lift Adhesive
Lift Adhesive
Lift Adhesive
Lift Adhesive

Lift Adhesive

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This adhesive has been specially formulated for the Lifting treatment of both Eyelashes and Eyebrows (or Brow Lamination).

Lift Adhesive is a transparent glue for lifting eyelashes and eyebrows. It is used to fix the silicone pads on the eyelids and also the eyelashes.
The composition of Lift Adhesive allows hair to be combed with precision and ease so that the final result impresses your clients.

"Works without damaging the skin, eyebrows or eyelashes"

The glue does not irritate the skin and you can also easily remove it from the skin and hair.


For eyebrows:
With a suitable applicator, a layer of Brow Lift glue is applied and the hairs are brushed into the desired shape with a micro eyelash brush or the brush in Y.
Since the glue dries very quickly, you should work in small sections. Important: Apply enough adhesive to the brow area, as this serves as a protective layer for the skin and prevents direct contact of Lift 1 and Lift 2 Lotions with the skin.

For Eyelashes:
use in silicone Pads (molds).
Keep the eyelash fixed during the procedure, ensuring the desired Lifting result.

Fix the silicone mold to the eyelid and the eyelashes to the mold with the help of the Lash Stick


During eyelash lifting, Lift 1, Lift 2 and tint products should always be removed with a dry, lint-free applicator.

Never remove with water, or a swab or applicator soaked in water.Remnants of Tint and Adhesive should only be removed with Lift 3.

Attention: take special care not to wet the eyelashes or eyebrows (with water or any other product that can neutralize the effect of eyelash lifting) during the first 24 hours.

Content: 5 ml -Weight: 12 gr -Measurements: 1.5 cm depth x 1.5 cm width x 8.7 cm height