Find here the step by step to make a Perfect Eyebrow Design.

Complete course of Eyebrow Architecture.

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STEP 1: Previous analysis of the eyebrows

Before starting to draw the design lines, it is necessary and very important to know the current state of your client's natural eyebrows, you must take into account the shape of their face, how they make up their eyebrows at home, personal tastes, if they have lightening , areas with lack of hair due to bad hair removal, etc.

All this information will be useful to offer a completely personalized and ideal treatment for your clients.

RECOMMENDATION, if it is the first time you visit, use a design rule that allows you to quickly and effectively visualize the asymmetries, height point, elevation, thickness and starting points of the eyebrows.

Important : Lean on this resource to explain to your client the current state of their eyebrows, highlight the problems they may have, how you are going to solve them, recommending an ideal treatment for their specific case.

STEP 2: Draw vertical lines of the Brow Design

LINE 1: Center of the face.

Take as reference, Center of the forehead, nose, and cupid's bow. We draw a straight line joining all these points.

STROKE 2: Beginning of the eyebrows.

Locate the center of the nose fin, locate a point 2mm from the tear duct. (Depends on each face)

LINE 3: Point of height.

Straight line from the cupid's bow passing over the iris of the eye. You draw a straight line on the upper part of the eyebrow.

STROKE 4: Tail of the Eyebrow.

Straight line from cupid's bow through the end of the eye. Draw a straight line.

Perform the same procedure on each side of the face.


 STEP 3: Draw horizontal lines of Brow Design

Explanation of what we will achieve with horizontal measures

LINE 1: Point of elevation .

Taking into account the muscles of the eyebrows and the client's facial expression.

STROKE 2: Width of the eyebrow (part 1)

Explanatory text of this step.

STROKE 3: Width of the eyebrow (part 2)

Explanatory text of this step.

STEP 4: Brow shaping

Explanation of why the eyebrows should be outlined at the end of the drawing.

STEP 5: Selection of the ideal treatment

Each eyebrow and each person is unique, so you should recommend the best treatment in each case in a personalized way.
➡️ ONLY RECOMMENDS DEPILATION... if your client likes a natural result and just wants to see their eyebrows clean and cared for.

➡️ RECOMMEND A BROW LIFT... to people with rebellious eyebrows, with long, thick hair and in general eyebrows that are hard to style and keep under control.

➡️ RECOMMEND A HENNA BROW... If your client wants to show off perfectly designed eyebrows, if they want to discover their ideal shape and rejuvenate their eyes with a temporary makeup effect.
➡️ RECOMMEND A MICROBLADING... to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their eyebrows while maintaining their naturalness with a hair-to-hair effect result to correct shape and thickness, provide more density, and is especially recommended for people with thin eyebrows or alopecia.