My client only asks for one treatment. What others can I do in the same session?

You have a regular client who loves to go to your studio and never misses his appointment, but does not dare to have other treatments done during his visit.

He always goes for one punctual and although it is not a negative situation, it is in your hands to improve it.

Have you ever wondered why if your client goes for an eyelash lift they don't makes temporary shading taking advantage of the fact that this in your studio?

As usual is situation occurs due to ignorance of the client. It is important that you educate him about treatments that are compatible and can be do in a single visit without any inconvenience.

Well it's because are made in zones different either for working exceptionally together.

1. Lash lift + Temporary Shading

These treatments are totally compatible as long as you do the lash lift first than the shading, because by doing it the other way around you can inadvertently interfere with the newly made shading result.

2. Eyebrow design + Eyelash extensions.

In this case, the treatments are compatible because they are in different areas, even so, our recommendation is that they be carried out in this order (design-extensions) not because the result of one is affected by applying the other, but because of how delicate and specific it is. the eyelash extensions application process, after 90 minutes there, we assure you that all your client wants is to walk home.

3. Extensions + Brow lift

The brow lift should be done after the application of the extensions, because of your location when applying them you can touch the eyebrows that have just finished another treatment.

4. Lash lift + Brow lift

Allied treatments par excellence, they are so compatible that you can even perform them simultaneously, being a huge plus for your profitability and saving time.

    Because it is important for you recommend treatments compatible with your customers?

    • you will generate higher profitability.
    • you can offer he you treatments with less eat peten cia or more exclusive.
    • It is a great opportunity to become the competitor dominant.
    • You will balance your billing so that it does not depend on the ups and downs of a single treatment.

    Multiply x2 each visit of each client ?, Do you think this is a good idea? It is!

    This practice is a win-win situation as your customers they get additional value and your study increases their income.

    If you want to know more tips to increase your profitability, we recommend you visit the networks of our founder @beatriz.profesional

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