This is how eyelashes grow, take it into account for the treatments you do

Do you know the reason why eyelash extensions must undergo maintenance every 2 or 3 weeks?

Because they have fallen, of course. But why does this happen?

Don't worry, it's not your fault.

Even when the application and the products used have been of quality, the tabs (or at least some of them) are destined to fall.

The reason is nothing more than the cycle of increase of the tabs .

The tabs , like any hair, too pass for cycle of increase in which they detach and return to growing up going by three stages: Anagen. catagen. and Telogen.

Tabs grow up , rest from growth, they will fall off and return to growing up to repeat the cycle .

1. Anagen Stage

The first stage of cycle is the still agena . Here the new hair pushes out the old eyelash and eventually tea it falls over, leaving room for it to grow by taking its place. The entire process may take 30-45 days to complete.

The phase a no agena yes and constitutes by very young hairs and fine . They're so fine which can sometimes even surface as tabs transparent and diffuse that have nothing to do with the other 60% of the tabs that surround them. .

During this stage, growth is constant, the tab it thickens as it grows. When you apply extensions you should not apply in these tabs , since they are very thin and cannot support a lot of weight and you could damage the tabs of your client.

About 40% of the tabs superiors are in is stage .

2. Catagen Stage

AND this is the stage transition period, in which the root slows down and stops growing, can last between 14 and 21 days. The longer the stay tab in each stage , the healthier it will grow.

In is stage You can now apply extensions on the tabs natural because they are already enough long, thick and secure enough to support the extensions.

Not everything is hunky-dory at this stage, as this is where the follicle begins to make its transition and degenerate and shrink, pushing the tab completely developed outward.

Yes is tab is removed before the end of his cycle , you can prolong the cycle of growth and the tabs they will look less full. That is why it is so important not to apply to your client tabs too thick and heavy and remind you of the risks of removing your tabs itself.

3. Telogen Stage

The last stage is the phase you and logogenic , also known as the phase of rest. This is when the natural lash has been pushed in almost completely, with a new hair bulb waiting just behind it to take its place in a couple of months, it is common at this stage for the tabs they fall off form natural.

In conclusion...

The waste of tabs it is completely normal.

equally form we recommend you apply to your client tabs your eyes can handle and instruct you on how to care for your tabs and extensions.

The lash growth cycle is just one of many factors that contribute to lashes looking fuller for longer.


See you inside.

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