BASIC KIT to design eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows can be a great aid to the face, but it can also work against it if it is not designed correctly.

There are many people who could change the expression of their eyes with a good eyebrow design, but this is not something that should be done at home , since a calculation or precision error can change the features of the face completely.

If you are thinking of entering the world of visagism, this article is for you.

What do you need to make a good eyebrow design?

1. Marker thread

Special cotton thread for threading.

Using threads made with cotton will ensure less breakage in addition to giving a soft touch to the skin. It is important that the thread you choose has antibacterial properties , as it will be safe and hygienic, protecting the skin from infections and rashes.

We recommend: Blink Antibacterial Thread

  • Egyptian organic cotton
  • Aloe vera moisturizer to reduce pain
  • extra resistant
  • Antimicrobial properties 100% safe

2. Compass

Professional Compass "Golden Divider"

This tool will allow you to get the most accurate measurement possible of the eyebrows. The main feature of this tool is that it will show you a division of the segments based on the golden ratio. You will obtain a meticulous measure according to the facial features of your clients.

4. Experience

You already have the quality products and tools you needed to get started, but they do not include experience or knowledge. Practice is fundamental in this area. Developing the necessary skill so that each pair of eyebrows is easier to perform and a neat result is an art that takes time and perseverance.

In addition, acquiring experience has the great advantage of generating confidence almost automatically and providing some security to the client when choosing a specialist to design their eyebrows.

At Blink Masters they are experts in visagism and eyebrow design. If you want to master this technique and increase your potential clients, click here.

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