TRICK to work faster applying Eyelash Extensions.

How many clients can you serve per day applying eyelash extensions? 4 or 5? If you need to optimize the time invested in each session, you are in the right place. In this article we will give you a few tips that will change the way you manage time, allowing you to serve more clients per day and increase your billing or be able to take longer breaks. enter customers.

Before treatment:

1. Manage your schedule effectively:

Being very clear about the time we invest in each session will help you to be realistic when scheduling new clients, you will prevent them from accumulating in your studio and having a bad experience due to having to wait too long.

On the other hand, when scheduling appointments, try to know all the details of the treatment, so you can prepare your workspace for each client.

It is important that you have reservation policies, for example a prior confirmation or a maximum waiting time.

2. Keep your workplace tidy.

It seems obvious, but the seconds or minutes that you can spend looking for a tool or product will slow down the process, and of course, this will hinder the customer experience.

The ideal is to leave a few free minutes between clients to reorganize your space, it is important that each client finds the space prepared in a personalized way for their session. Save what you won't use and keep the specific extensions and clips on hand for that new client.

3. Previously request your clients not to attend the appointment with makeup.

Although preparing and cleaning the area is part of the treatment, removing make-up is not. Imagine the time you can lose if you dedicate yourself to removing the makeup of each client that visits you.

In some cases, the client cannot remove make-up. At Blink Studios we have a specially equipped area with everything you need so that you can do it quietly, yes, you must come at least 15 minutes before your appointment so as not to delay the specialist's schedule. You can take measures like this for special cases.

If you do not remove make-up or clean the area, you will be putting the procedure at risk, since the natural fat of the skin prevents the adhesive from fixing correctly on the eyelashes.

During treatment:

1. Use suitable materials.

From the Pads to the extensions, the products and materials you choose must be of quality to avoid setbacks in the application.

  • Pads : Make sure that their material does not allow them to move or detach from the skin, in addition, it is important that they do not generate fluff that could interfere with the extensions.

We recommend: Blink Professional® Hydrogel Patches that will also refresh the eye area for your clients during treatment.

  • Eyelash extensions: The creation of fans can take a good part of the session, with Pre Made lashes you can save up to 40% of application time in one session.
The new Blink Professional® "Fan Lash" Eyelash Extensions save up to 40% professional application time in one treatment session thanks to its Pre Made method.
This time saving does not sacrifice the quality of the results and allows you to perform more treatments. Something that customers also value a lot.

    Fan Lash extensions are heat sealed, which fixes the fan at the long root for a better adherence of the extension to the natural lashes.

    These extensions allow you to create incredible volumes much faster.

    • Adhesive: This product is one that will bring success to your work. In the market there are different options for different techniques, since each one has a different consistency, drying time and adhesion power.
    Ideally, choose an adhesive specially formulated for Fan Lash eyelash extensions.
    Our X pro Adhesive has a dry time of just 1.5 seconds and a bonding period of 7 weeks. In addition, it requires minimal steam for drying.

    2. Practice makes perfect.

    The application of eyelashes is a methodical art that requires practice, practice, and more practice and nothing will make you more effective in applying extensions than the experience and learning that you acquire over time.

    They will allow you to develop strategies and "secrets" to perfect what you do.

    Therefore, if you want to improve your own technique, it is important that you never leave aside the training process, trends change, tools become newer and products change formulas, do not forget to train with professionals whenever you can, It's never too much if you want to be the best.

    At Blink Masters we are specialists in eyelash extensions, you can see the training available here.

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