Do you care about the experience of your customers? Differentiate yourself from the competition.

You're not the first in your area, that's obvious. So how can you differentiate your company from others that do the same?

  • Offer a courtesy to your customers while they wait for their turn
  • That your facilities allow them to enjoy not only a good result but also a different experience
  • Worrying about how they feel when they visit you makes you different.

Does your studio have any of this?

If you do not have a positive answer, we leave you some ideas so that you can make a difference in the experience of your clients.

Repeating what everyone else does is comfortable and "safe", but it is necessary to change the way of seeing things and take a different step. We know it takes courage, however, focusing on something that you think your competition is lacking or not doing at all is an easy guide to breaking out of the pattern.

Pay attention to three important points when a customer visits you.

1. Welcome

Have you ever been treated so well in a business that single For this reason, do you have a fondness for that company?

Well, remember that the secret is not so much in what you sell , but in how you sell .

The personalized attention and close relationship with your clients is of great value. When talking to them, try to ask good questions and be proactive, so that they notice that you are not looking to sell them whatever and whatever, but that you are really interested in offering them the best solution for their needs.

It is not the same to be greeted with an inexpressive "Good afternoon" than with a "Hello , ____, how are you doing? It's nice to see you again"

Having a high level of service is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competition. In the long run, customers want to be well served and this is a key factor when choosing one or another company.

2. The experience

Pay attention to the details, those that are not told to you, but that everyone notices, improve them and communicate them.

Ask yourself things like these:

  • Are the chairs where your customers wait their turn comfortable?
  • Is it very hot/cold in a specific place in your studio?
  • Can your clients go with companions? How is the place where they wait?
  • do you call your customers by his name?
  • Is there background music?
  • Do you have wifi connection?
  • Are there any courtesies for your clients?

We could make an infinite list of details that improve a visit to the salon , however, each case is different.

We recommend you ask your oldest clients or your team for opinions regarding the experience in your studio and what they would like to add to it, do not be afraid to hear opinions, this will make you grow.

make your client feel comfortable, so much so that they do not want to leave your studio, remember that there are late treatments so make your stay client quite an experience.

For example, you can offer courtesies (coffee, cookies, juices) to your customers when lunch or snack time approaches, that will make them feel more comfortable and will undoubtedly improve their experience and the positioning of your studio.

3. Aftercare

yes you must look after to your client after making a sale, because your relationship with him does not end when he leaves your studio, at that moment it has just begun.

Appreciating the loyalty of your customers is a safe bet.

You can write down the date of his birthday and have a detail with them that day, from a message with your good wishes to some kind of gift on your next visit.

Always serve your customers as you would like to be served, and remember to train your team so that your entire business is in harmony when customer service is and refers.

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