The 7 SINS of Customer Service in your Aesthetic Center.

The customer is the most important person in any company, that's obvious.

What is not so obvious is that the customer's relationship with the company should not be reduced to just putting their money in your cash register.

Customer service plays a fundamental role, and it must be taken into account from the person who receives the client in your studio, the people at the till, the specialists and everyone who lives in your center.

You should know that almost 70 % of customers are lost due to poor service.

So yes, customer service can define the success or failure of your business.

We tell you seven things that you should avoid at all costs if you want to keep that 70%.

1. Not greeting and saying good morning when your client arrives.

A warm greeting is essential, the welcome to your center is step number one, when a new client enters your salon they want to feel welcome, comfortable and well cared for. And this is not just limited to answering a "Good morning", ask him how he is, if he is a recurring client, ask him how his previous treatment went, the idea is to make him feel special.

NOTE: If you can call him by his name, the better.

2. A bad coffee can make you lose customers.

A good courtesy is essential in the experience of your client, it is useless to offer an excellent technical result but that your coffee sends it directly to the bathroom when leaving your studio.

Selecting your type of courtesy very well always helps your clients or potential clients not lose interest in your company and, even, have more desire to buy your products or hire the services you offer.

You know, the difference is in the details.

3. Using the mobile in front of the customer

This is more than a distraction for your work, it is disrespectful, the client wants to feel cared for and all this gesture does is insinuate that their visit is not your priority. Use your mobile during off hours, in case of an emergency they can always notify you by calling the customer service number.

4. Do not call the customer by name

This generates trust and closeness immediately, yes, always do it with respect, we recommend you check first if you don't have any objection to being treated in this way. Avoid at all costs falling into the breach of trust and remember that some clients will like to be called with some prefixes such as Doña, Don, Sr. or Sra.

In addition, they will love to know that you remember them. That will make them feel part of your room.

5. Lack of kindness

Offering a good service is no longer enough, customers want quality and also friendliness.

The way you speak and express yourself represents the principles of your company. When you are nice to the client, you will strengthen your relationship with them, and thus you will make them choose you over anything.

When a customer becomes loyal, they will become a kind of ambassador for your brand, and they will begin to recommend you to their closest circle. That is why it is important to treat the client with kindness, you should not be rude, cold, apathetic, or treat him with inferiority.

"A true professional leaves problems at home" -Beatriz Hernández · Founder of Blink Professional Studios ®

6. Offer the same service to more than one client at the same time.

Mistake. Do not forget that we all like exclusivity. Try to make these types of offers personalized, an excellent idea is to do it via WhatsApp or by call. Remember that exclusivity, feeling like an important and loved part of your business is everything.

Making an offer claiming it's "unique" and then making it to the customer sitting next to you is a big mistake.

7. Tell your customers you're in a hurry

Throughout this article we have told you about how important it is to make the client feel special. Do you think serving them in a hurry is a good idea?

We dedicate time to what matters to us, that is exactly what you will feel if you do not take the necessary time for your treatment, also, if you scheduled an appointment it is because you will be 100% available during your visit.

If for any reason you are committing any of these seven sins, the process and the customer experience can be so unpleasant that they may not return.

Start by doing an analysis of the attitude, commitment and motivation that your team has towards their work, see if this is reflected in the quality of customer service.

Make sure that no one in your business has attitudes of apathy, inflexibility, coldness, rebuff, robotism, evasiveness, or airs of superiority.

PRO TIP : The best way to avoid this is to think: "if you were a customer, what would a company have to do for you to be part of it"

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