Microblading: The recommendations that your clients need.

It is common that after the first session the client believes that everything is done, that they do not need a touch-up and that the eyebrows they see will remain perfect by magic.

Well no, you should know that a good Microblading result No d depends only your technical level. 50% you do you as a professional and the other 50% the client at home following your recommendations.

Your duty is to guarantee your results by explaining correct to yours client before every step of watch out later.

If you do not know What do it, in this article we share with you everything you should say to your clients at the end of the first Microblading session.

What should you do after your appointment?

When you end up to apply the pigment either, not work ends. D. you are take a few minutes for talk to your client know What was his experience and c tell you about the recommendations for take care of your new eyebrows.

These must be personalized and plus as attentive as possible, fear not suggest specific products for the treatment nto. m enter ace plus Give details, better.

Important: One of the things you should keep in mind is that it depends on the way as explain the treatment , the client may understand better the importance of aftercare.

For example, if you don't explain to the client that when the m icrobladin g , there is a wound in the skin , (not anything deep or serious, do not alarm him) that needs care so that the healing and regeneration period occurs in the best conditions, you will not know how take care of it and it will jeopardize your results.

What are the care?

  • 1. Cleanliness is a main factor in this period, it is essential that you clean the area and apply a gel that promotes healing and regeneration of the skin. See: Micro Care , Cleanser + , Natural Cleanser
  • 2. It is important that you avoid scratching the area.
  • 3. Do not expose yourself to the sun directly or intentionally, it is essential. Sunburn will prevent your skin from regenerating properly.
  • 4. Advise him to stay away from the beach and swimming pools for a while, the problem is not the water, but what he can find in them.
  • 5. Moisturize the skin and use sunscreen not only in the eyebrow area, but on the rest of the face. We recommend: Micro solar

After a few days the client says that the color is gone.

Don't worry, it wasn't a bad procedure. As an external factor to the body, the pigment interacts with melanin and needs to be stabilized. This is something that you should also explain very well before starting the treatment.

The approximate time for this to happen is 21-30 days, therefore, until that time elapses, even if your client requests it, do not do a touch-up.

It is normal that as soon as the treatment is finished, the eyebrows have a darker and more intense color, and it will give the impression that they are even thicker.

  • After a week, a drop in color will be observed, the scabs will fall.
  • After a month the color will be settled, and it will even feel less thick (there will be a difference of 1-2 shades of color lower than the day of pigmentation) it will be at this time when you will do the retouching.
  • After the touch-up, the color will increase again, after a week it will decrease and after a month it will stabilize, with the difference that this time, the loss of color will be less, and it will now remain stable.

When your client comes for the retouching, you should remind him again of the care he had at the beginning of the treatment.

Do not forget that you carry out 50% of the treatment, and the other 50% depends on your client following the recommendations and care at home.

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