Find here the steps you must follow to achieve a perfect result.

Complete course of Brow Lift (Laminated Eyebrows)

TOP SALES Professional Brow Lift Protocol

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STEP 1: Clean

Cleans the eyebrows thoroughly, Before starting the treatment it is important to remove the remains of makeup. To remove dirt, use Brow Shampoo with a bamboo brush to clean the eyebrows making small circles for 1 minute, then remove the excess product with a cotton pad moistened with water (for sensitive skin you can apply CLEANSER + for its calming effect).

We apply Brow Scrub with a bamboo brush to exfoliate the skin, remove all dirt and stimulate hair growth, making small circles for 1 minute, then remove the excess with a damp cotton pad (with cleanser + to avoid irritation),
Analyze what type of skin your client has, if it is oily, we apply OIL CLEANER. This formula is perfect for removing oil from the skin. We add the product to a cotton pad, passing it in the direction of the hair and opposite to the hair so that it penetrates well.

On the other hand, if the skin is acne-prone, we use the SKIN FORMULA, this cleanser has allantoin and lactic acid. It will serve as a calming agent to prepare the skin and start the treatment. We apply this product with a cotton pad, passing it in the direction of the hair and in the direction opposite of hair

Important : Be sure to remove all remaining shampoo and cleansers before the next step.

STEP 2: Preparation (Primer)

After cleaning, apply the PRIMER on the eyebrow with a Macro Brush, (make sure to go over all the hairs on the eyebrow). The Primer (PH Neutral) will help us prepare the eyebrow hair for a better absorption of the products, thus achieving a good result.
Allow Primer to dry for 10-15 seconds before continuing.

STEP 3: Comb (Orient the hair)

We will begin to apply a thin layer of special LIFT ADHESIVE adhesive on the eyebrows in small amounts while with the special Lift Comb we begin to comb the hair in the desired direction.
It is one of the most important steps since it will define the final result!

Attention: the adhesive dries quickly, you have to work in parts, in small areas.

Important: Apply enough Lift Adhesive to the brow area, because this serves as a protective layer for the skin and for direct contact of Lift 1 and Lift 2 lotions with the skin.

STEP 5: Restructure (LIFT 1)

Once the eyebrow is combed and it has been fixed with the adhesive in the desired position, we apply a layer of the LIFT 1 FIX GEL product ("sensitive" formula). For this we use a micro brush to extend throughout the eyebrow.
Lift 1 modifies the natural structure of the hair, which will allow it to be given a new orientation.

Once the product has been applied, we cover the eyebrows with protective film (protective film) leaving an exposure time of 6 to 8 min. For finer hair and 9 to 14 min. For thicker hair.

Once the time has elapsed, the Film Protect film is removed and the surplus of the product is removed with a dry, lint-free cotton pad. There should be no residue on the eyebrows

(The exposure time for each eyebrow must be calculated separately, so that each eyebrow is treated with the lotion for the same amount of time)

⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️
For LIFT 1 and 2 products never use the same applicator. If the lotions come into contact, they become unusable.

STEP 5: Attach (LIFT 2)

We proceed to apply the 2 LIFT FIX GEL SENSITIVE product with a micro brush from the roots of the hair to the ends, forming a layer. This will result in fixing the new structure with the BrowLift effect. 

If you want to apply color / tint to tint the eyebrows, mix the Eyebrow Tint with the Lift 2 product well in a 1:1 ratio with a Mixer (it is not necessary to add oxidant).

Once the second product has been applied, we cover the eyebrows again with film paper, leaving an exposure time of 6 min.

Once the time has elapsed, the film protect is removed.
With a damp cotton pad we remove the remains of lift 2 product (and color).

STEP 6: Finish (LIFT 3)

Use Lift 3 by applying to a lint-free pad to remove traces of product and color that may remain on the skin and hair. (we apply by pressing gently in the same orientation of the hair).
This nourishing oil is special for moisturizing hair and repairing the skin.

Finally, we remove the remains of Lift 3 with a dry pad.

(Make sure no residue of Lift 2 or color remains)

STEP 7: Keratin Laminate

As a final step, apply a thin layer of Keratin Laminator on the Brows and comb again with a brush (fiber brush).

Do not remove the keratin laminate, it dries in a few minutes. It must remain on the eyebrows, contact with water must be avoided for at least 12 hours to obtain its lasting effects.

Keratin laminator will help restore eyebrow hairs and improve their appearance.


Keratin Brow Fix

Once the Keratin Laminator has dried, to seal and secure the treatment it is recommended to apply an additional layer of KERATIN BROW FIX keratin fixative and vitamins.

This product will help the lifting last longer in the eyebrow hair and it is recommended that the client apply it twice a day to protect the hair from the sun and keep it hydrated.