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Before we start telling you what you need to start offering your beauty services, we want to congratulate you. If you are reading that it is because you are about to take a big step in your life, living from what you are passionate about doing is possible, you just have to know exactly what you need before starting.

It is not just about getting a place and making it look spectacular (although this is one of the most important steps) you must make it work, because having the coolest place in the city will not help you if the people who perform the treatments are not professionals , for instance.

So, what should you take into account before offering your services?

Whatever the area in which you want to start, there are some things that you cannot miss, in this article we will tell you about them.

1. Professional training.

Although it seems obvious, mastering the technique you want to make profitable is extremely important, since your success will depend on the quality of your work.

We understand that you may already have some mastery in the area, however, you should not stop your professional development. Attend professional training It will provide an opportunity to attract more customers and meet their various requests. In addition, you will be aware of new products and trends, which will allow you to offer techniques, finishes, and fresh products in your salon.

Everyone wants to be trendy, everyone wants to follow the trends, so your customers may want to do something new. If you're not up to date with the latest in your area, you may miss them (and if they label you old-fashioned, we assure you they won't be back). High-quality professional training at Blink Masters will help you to always be in demand as a specialist.

Today, professional training is quite affordable. By mastering new techniques, you can quickly recoup your money and time. If you love your job, being in constant search of new interesting techniques will not be an obstacle for you.

Do not hesitate to invest in your education and development, because this is what will bring you success.

2. Quality materials

This is one of the most common dilemmas at the beginning of a career, it is normal that you are faced with the question of what materials and tools you need to buy to start.

The convenience of your work and the quality of the result depend on how well you select the set of everything you need.

Some people initially purchase products from disreputable Chinese websites. In the search for attractive prices, it is easy to get carried away with materials with an unsafe composition. We recommend you buy your products in specialized professional stores, as they have all the necessary approvals.

A "plus" is to choose products from a single manufacturer, this will protect you from a possible incompatibility between the products. For example, if you are applying eyelash extensions you may find that an adhesive works best when combined with a degreaser from the same brand.

Ordering all the necessary materials and tools for your treatments is possible by visiting blinkprofessional.com . We have developed all our products with professionals in mind.

3. Agenda

Do you still register your clients with paper and pencil?

Free yourself from this and let your clients book their appointment independently. The best decision you can make is to resort to an online reservation system, where they can choose the date, time, treatment and even the specialist who will attend them, they also have the opportunity to cancel or reschedule the appointment at another time without any setback with your schedules.

You should know that it is an effective way to increase sales, in addition, more and more companies offer the opportunity to register their customers online quickly, accurately and without errors. Online booking allows you to choose all the details of your visit without the tedious wait. It is as if your salon works 24 hours.

Your clients will be able to make appointments when phone reservations are not convenient, for example, at night, when they are in the office, or on a trip.

Get to know the Blink Studios reservation system by visiting our website.

4. Catalog

Show your services, your spaces, your team and of course your results. This builds trust in your customers.

Where to do it?

Instagram is the perfect place for this, however you should not limit yourself to this social network, your own website will be the real king to show everything related to your salon in more detail. WhatsApp is also an excellent option, don't forget to always use WhatsApp business.

5. Rules, forms and conditions.

In addition to making sure that you offer an excellent service, you should always protect your business, creating and making your conditions and reservation policies available to clients to avoid any misunderstanding if a problem occurs with appointments or treatments.

If you want more advice to start offering your services, we invite you to subscribe to the YouTube channel of our founder, Beatriz Hernández.

See you there.

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